Medone outsourcing division is able to provide and qualify candidates who meet the client’s specifications and requirements. The client evaluates and selects the candidate, manages and directs the selected resource with regard to their assigned tasks and day-to-day responsibilities.

Medone outsourcing ensures the administrative staff management and will work together with the client and the candidate during the whole term of the assignment.

We are committed to be flexible in providing customized outsourcing solutions:

  • Part-time outsourcing solution
  • Full-time outsourcing solution
  • Short-term outsourcing solution
  • Long-term outsourcing solution
  • Recruitment services and Permanent placement
  • Temporary to Permanent outsourcing solution


Medone Outsourcing provides the following outsourcing staff positions:

  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Trial Assistant
  • Clinical Research Study Coordinator
  • Drug safety associate/ Pharmacovigilance
  • Start-up Specialist
  • Patient Recruitment Specialist
  • Regulatory Associate
  • Regulatory Manager
  • Clinical Team Manager
  • Project Manager
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Welcome to MEDONE!

Medone Research brings together the expertise, highest quality services and understanding that come from more than 15 years of managing global clinical trials within the CEE region together with the first-hand local knowledge, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.
Our extensive medical expertise, clinical research and regulatory experience are used to deliver our clients with superior quality services in each and every phase of the clinical trial.